Kaspersky Drone Security

Flocks of drones pose a mounting security threat for many commercial organizations, both in outdoor airspace and other venues.

Amateurs with no experience are attracted by the low entry cost of using drones. Threat actors are also taking advantage of this new attack vector. Security forces now need to prevent unsanctioned flights of prosumer drones at large gatherings, in airports and other venues.


Kaspersky Antidrone is a new standalone solution that uses a special trainable neural network to detect and classify civilian drones automatically.

How it Works?

Kaspersky Antidrone uses sensors, chosen to reflect the required environment, together with advanced technologies based on a neural network to inform the controller of drones approaching the designated zone. If necessary, Kaspersky Antidrone turns on a module which sends permitted radio interference signals, sending the approaching drone back to base or forcing it to land safely.


Kaspersky Antidrone uses a patented laser scanning technology for primary detection of civilian drones. Solution is also designed to work with video and audio sensors, as well as radar, if applicable.


A trainable neural network classifies drones by type and model. In many cases, the drone’s type and model dictate the choice of neutralization paradigm.


A specially designed system generates a narrow interference beam to break the drone’s connection with either a GPs satellite or the remote controller. Once the connection is broken, the drone will either return to base or slowly descend.






Secure your airspace with Kaspersky Antidrone

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